I once rode horses more than 1000kms across Mongolia. My travel partner and I didn’t get up every morning and think, “Oh god! We’ve got so far to go, we’ll neverrrrrrrr make it. Let’s go back to sleep.”

Instead, every morning we went about our tasks of taking down the tent, packing the horses and saddling up to ride. Then we rode and rode admiring the scenery along the way, sometimes getting rained on sometimes getting sunburnt, one horsey foot in front of the other until we stopped. Then we set up the tent, cooked dinner, and planned the next day’s route before sleep.

Each day we rode about 30kms. Some days we covered more (100kms to get through desert country), some days we did less (only 10kms when we found an amazing camp spot where the horses had plenty to eat). Some days we didn’t travel at all, choosing to rest and write in our diaries and repair equipment, or our bodies. But every day we did something towards our goals of getting from point a on the map, to point b.

There are so many lessons here – dream big, but don’t be overwhelmed by the task – take small steps every day towards your goal – make sure to rest and take time out if you need – plan what you are going to do next – enjoy the journey – look after your horses and yourself!

And keep putting one foot in front of the other… before you know it you will be closer to your goal.

(Feb 2017)


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