apartment dogs

Old ladies & dog
The lady and her dog in warmer months

One lady in my apartment building had a scruffy black dog. Whenever we saw each other we’d say hello and wave. The lady’s legs were not so good and at times the pain got too bad and she couldn’t take her pooch outside for walks.

To cope she’d developed a system that everyone in the apartment building knew, from the guard ladies who lived under the stairs, to business men and small children, and even young teenagers.

Hungaray, Julie Dog & friends
The bench at the front door was a very social spot for apartment dwellers and dog owners alike

She’d let her dog out of the apartment to make his own way downstairs, where he’d wait at the external door until someone let him out. He then went about his business, roaming the nearby ger neighbourhood at will.

When he was finally too cold and tired, and ready to go to sleep, he would front up at the external door again, waiting until someone walking past let him in. Then he’d trot back up the stairs to his owner and a warm nap. Everyone was happy!

Enjoying a run in the snow


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