the wide open road beckons…

The first part of our hitch hiking journey was from Ulaanbaatar to Tstetserleg.

For 10 hours we bounced along bumpy roads that wound across the landscape, harbouring potholes the size of chairs and tables which tried to snatch and swallow our tyres.

We passed ovoos piled stone on stone at the top of passes and squatted by the side of the road for toilet breaks, the wind whistling in our hair and blowing dust up our skirts.

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The green landscape rolled out before us like a green velvet carpet reaching to the edge of the sky, dotted with white gers clumped together like mushrooms.

We were joined by a couple from Europe who were setting off to Arkhangai for a horse riding journey of their own. It was the beginning of summer and the time for adventure!

[Minibus & guanz photo credits – Jennie S]

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