Bumbugur, Mongolia

Bumbugur was a rundown one-horse town with no trees but plenty of dust and goats and a well patronised pool table on the roadside in the centre of town. I don’t think many tourists passed this way as people were peering around corners at the ‘strangers in town’. Even the dogs barked at us for good measure.

We stocked up at the local shop with sardines, pickled cucumbers, biscuits and water, with the whole bus in tow to see what we bought. Then we sat down to try our luck hitchhiking. But with only the occasional motorbike our choices were limited and the day dragged on through the heat. A couple of people visited us as we sat there including two older herders and a grandson. They told us we could refill our nearly empty water bottles at the pump station in town which was operated by an old fashioned hand pump with deliciously cold water.

We pitched our tent out of town and slept like logs after a basic meal and some cool beers.

6. hitching from bomburger - jen
There wasn’t much traffic for hitchhiking  [Image: Jennie S]

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