Bayankhongor – end of the trail

We woke feeling a bit seedy after the vodka of the night before, but a breakfast of yummy cheese at Sukhi’s ger made us better. We took photos of the family all dressed up and then rode the remaining 5 km into town very slowly to savour the last of our horsetrek and nurse our heads.

After a week riding through the Khangai Nuruu National Park, Bayankhongor was a shock. It was busy with people dressed in their best ‘going-to-town’ clothes and lots of cars tooting as they drove past.

We parted company with Shijray after a meal of fried noodles in a roadside guanz and headed to the river to set up camp where the sounds from town included a factory, fireworks, music and mosquitoes. The week-long horsetrek had cost us about 90,000T, plus food, and was the most expensive part of our hitchhiking trip.

Kelly, Shijray and Jennie – June 2004

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