Sain bain uu! Mini ner Kelly. Bi Avstrali hun.

(Hello, my name is Kelly. I’m Australian.)


I first traveled to Mongolia in 2003 to go horse-riding and teach English for a few months – I ended up staying for two years. There is something about Mongolia that gets under your skin, that invites you to take a different pace and consider what is most important in life – food, water, shelter and compassion.

That first summer I spent two months horse trekking from central Mongolia to Ulaangom near the Russian border in the west. After that I was hooked and yearned to know more about these resilient, hospitable people, their rich culture and their world conquering horses.

The second summer I hitch hiked nearly 4,000 kms around the central, western and northern provinces, travelling on buses, trucks, trains, cars and motorcycles through deserts, mountains and grassy plains.

The first winter I spent living in a Soviet era flat near the Mongol TV station; the second in a felt tent (ger) in an outlying village near the frozen Tuul river.

I fell in love during my two years living there – with Mongolia, its culture and its people. I enjoyed the challenge of living in a country where extreme temperatures brutally remind you that you are alive.

And where people welcome you into their lives with open arms.

Welcome to Mongolia!   ❤

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