hitch hiking


In the summer of 2004, my English friend Jennie and I hitch hiked nearly 4,000 kms around the central, western and northern provinces of Mongolia, travelling on buses, trucks, trains, cars and motorcycles through deserts, mountains and grassy plains.

We spent two glorious months hitchhiking around Mongolia using various forms of transport – minivans packed to bursting, rattling Chinese motorcycles, motorcycles with sidecars (right out of ‘The Great Escape’), sturdy Russian jeeps, a posh Land Cruiser, small domestic trucks, big Kamaz trucks carting goods to and from the border, and Russian ‘Gotch’ trucks where we hung on for dear life in the back on top of gers (yurts) and household goods.

We met many, many fantastic local people travelling this way, plus a couple of drunken and less savoury ones, but it was one of the best experiences of my life!